SKB primarily acquires well located office, retail, industrial and multifamily assets in our target markets. We invest in supply-constrained, growing employment markets of the Western United States.

SKB Acquisition Target Criteria


Loan Acquisitions

Dislocation to US commercial real estate markets has generated compelling opportunities for recapitalization of real estate assets through note acquisitions. SKB’s approach to loan acquisitions focuses upon individualized business plans for each borrower and/or asset to optimize stabilization and revenue growth over the prescribed holding period.

SKB Loan Purchase Criteria


Private Lending / Bridge Loans

SKB has served as a private lender in situations where conventional lending sources were either unable or unwilling to capitalize an investment opportunity or short term liquidity need. By utilizing its ability to act swiftly and understand complex scenarios, SKB has structured multiple mutually beneficial transactions for its borrowers that include:

  • Immediate need bridge loans – $500,000 to $8,000,000
  • Complex development loans
  • Real estate collateralized discretionary loans
  • Terms ranging from 6 months (with minimum interest) to 3 years
  • Creative structuring available


Joint Venture Equity & Debt

SKB enters into joint venture opportunities with third party developers and operators when the opportunities are compelling. Such ventures may be funded via equity, debt or both depending upon the optimization of the capital structure.

SKB JV Equity and Debt Criteria